S L O V (San Diego Noise/ Post Punk)

Monochromacy (San Diego Noise/ Industrial

Straight Crimes (Oakland Post Punk / Noise / WTF)

“Jams, With Microphone, 2017” is the newest sonic offering from bay area punks Straight Crimes. This cassette is toted under the “punk” category on band camp and other agents of the internet however stretches pretty far past that on this album delving between slow, heavy sludgy cuts where could easily faintly resemble an early Big Black or Butthole Surfers, which thick fuzzed out guitars, monotone style yelped vocals, heavy drum machined percussion, and thick, dense, cavernous spaces of spearing electronics. The duo doesn’t stick to a particular style on this release bur one of their own, which is refreshing to the ear and psyche. While it does have many “punk” qualities to it, composition wise, things really get stretched and scratched to the max, such as on the ten minute anthem, “Is This Hell Or Is This Dumb” the vocals and meat and potatoes of the track don’t make an appearance for nearly six minutes as the listener is left in a murky, dark, disorientation of jabbed and beaten guitars, harsh alienating feedback, high tension style sound the alarm ringing and buzzing as the listener marches towards a future of confusion and uncertainty. “. From Decaycast Webzine + Netlabel

Cheflee (oakland / Smart Bomb / etc )