Jsun was a pillar of creativity, selflessness, joy and uniqueness in the Bay Area arts community for more than a decade after moving out to San Francisco from the Midwest to pursue his MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, not to mention a world class painter, illustrator, and conceptual artist. Jsun along with many other pillars of the artistic, creative community tragically passed on December 2, 2016 in the horrific Ghostship tragedy.

This exhibition is to share with his friends and family the deepest and most esoteric works from the collection of works that Jsun has left in this realm. 

Throughout his time in the Bay Area, Jsun performed hundreds of times: at concerts, underground shows, radio shows, music and art festivals, tours with his many projects including Coral Remains (fka Styrofoam Sanchez), Nerfbau, Sabreteeth,  Alienslang, Dilatedears, Wrong Disco, Salsa Pile, and many other acts and performance monikers. He released several albums on the Ratskin Records imprint and as well as a founding member of the collective.

Please come out and view some never before seen drawings, paintings and installation works which will be up for a week. None of the work is for sale, however we will have several prints available for sale as well as copies of his music releases. We will also have a notebook in which viewers can write words to Jsun as well as other loved ones who have passed on.  There  will also be a screening of the  CORAL REMAINS  film “Empire Undewater” at 8:45  Sharp in the  Plaza in front of the gallery on December 1, 2017

Hybrid Veils is curated by Michael Daddona with support from Pro Arts Gallery.