Las Sucias is a duo formed by Danishta Rivero and Alexandra Buschman, mixing anti-patriarchal riotgrrrl lyrics, afrocaribbean rhythms, brujería noise and possessed vocals. Each performance is a ritual that combines all of the senses and elevates into a higher realm, inspiring the listener to dance, speak in tongues, laugh hysterically and get possessed by the spirits awoken.


“Empty Mirror is Peter Kalisch’s long-in-formation proper solo introduction, succeeding a profuse streak of live performances that have vigorously blurred the lines between a variant string of genres within the extreme music underground. With is unnervingly sparse sonics moving in marked navigation around death industrial, power electronics, harsh noise, and even minimal techno, Empty Mirror traverses a profoundly personal dominion of depression, self-critique, and queer identity. A fully-realized and exceptional debut of brutal honesty from an artist to set your attention to.” – Paul Haney, Obsolete Units


SOOT is the death industrial alias of James Livingston, founder of the intrepid and esoteric Black Horizons label. Following last year’s superlative split with Thoabath, A General Theory Of Tears is SOOT’s first full-length communiqué, a purgative and distressing inspection of loss and anguish. Livingston constructs an oppressively thick and ominously laden presence that interfaces with an explicit dub influence within its storm of thundering kick and distorted fog. A carefully thought cycle that assembles the disparate approaches of Brighter Death Now and Information Overload-era SPK with Scientist and DJ Screw at their most somnolent.