The Happy Valley Band has been called “a shitty MP3 to MIDI converter,” “the Shaggs meets Guitar Hero,” “James Brown backed by Sun Ra,” “the best executed worst idea,” and “substantive acousmatic research.” Composer / bandleader David Kant uses custom-built machine learning software to “unmix” pop songs and transcribe them back into musical notation. The Happy Valley Band plays what comes out. Imagine James Brown backed by a simmering Sun Ra Arkestra, Madonna with a jittery freak-out synth rhythm section, and Herb Alpert with a Tijuana Brass that must have been led by Charles Ives.

Lord Tang

Lord Tang is a project of crumpled beats and melodies; the latest solo incarnation of Dominic Cramp. Influenced as much by ancient dubs as it is by modern arrangements, it finds its space between the stars. 

While bringing similar sensibilities from his other work with Borful Tang and Qulfus: disembodied paranoid ramblings, field recordings, dark electronics…Lord Tang incorporates a heavier and more consistent rhythmic element, with less reliance on samples and more emphasis on played melodic elements. There is a strong dub influence but the sound heads much further out than a traditional dub record. The delays hang longer and become their own instrument rather than simply accentuating parts of the whole, even becoming the beat itself!