Glamorgeddon Limo Lectures

Pro Arts Gallery presents Glamorgeddon Limo Lectures, a participatory project curated by visual, public, and performance artist Johanna Poethig.  A pink Hummer limousine will provide a garish and decadent setting for four performative lectures, given by scholars, performers, and activist while all along riding through the streets of Oakland. Informative yet absurd, these immersive lectures provide a platform upon which artists, academics, and audiences will come together to celebrate the satirical edge of excess.

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Schedule of Lectures:

5:00pm—Violet Juno with Driving though Oakland / Skipping the grooves in our brains
5:50pm—John Jotas Leanos and Tiny with Relocated Memories: Strategic Amnesias, Blocked Accounts and Deleted Hard Drives
6:40pm—Helen Klonaris and Patricia Powell with Storying Down the Walls: A Narrative Revolt
7:30pm—L.M. Bogad with Limonauts Gamble For The Fate Of Oakland

About the Lectures:

5:00 pm
Driving though Oakland / Skipping the grooves in our brains

Violet Juno will lead limo passengers on a brain stimulating ride that explores the fascinating interrelationships between the creative art practice and neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change itself. We may be passengers on the glam pink hummer limo, but we are always the driver of our own brain. Join us as we steer our brains around potholes, skip the needle to new grooves, and use our ingenuity to create new neural pathways for discovery and joy.

Violet Juno is a transdisciplinary performance artist whose work explores the dynamic and intersectional relationships between language/languagelessness, disabilities/super abilities, and binary/non-binary gender identities. Violet’s work often combines text, sound, visual tableaus, kinetic sculpture, movement and a unique form of three-dimensional mapping to create multi-sensory experiences for audience members. Violet has performed at 75 venues in 40 cities and served as a visiting artist at 22 universities since 1990.

5:50 pm
Relocated Memories: Strategic Amnesias, Blocked Accounts and Deleted Hard Drives

Aphoristic interventions into forgotten, displaced and gentrified urban spaces, this “Limo Lecture” seeks to locate the ghostly intersections between past and present, contradiction and political conviction, hope and despair. Watchate!

John Jota Leanos

John Jota Leaños is a mestizo media artist and social-art practitioner focusing on critical convergences of history, memory, social space, and decolonization. Leaños’ animation, installation, opera, performance and public media fuse traditional practices and aesthetics with new technologies and contemporary reconfigurations. His work has been shown at the Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Short Corner,, the Whitney Biennial, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago and a variety of other art and public contexts. Associate Professor in the Department of Film and Digital Media at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Leaños is a 2012 Guggenheim Fellow and Creative Capital Foundation Grantee who has received the United States Artist Fellowship, National Association for Latino Arts and Culture (NALAC) Master Artist Award, the San Francisco Art Commission Individual Artist Grant, the MAP Fund Award and the Creative Work Fund Award. He has been an artist-in-resident at the Center for Chicano Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, the Center for Arts in Society, Carnegie Mellon University, and the Headlands Center for the Arts. He is the current Director of Graduate Studies for the Social Documentation MA at the UC Santa Cruz.


Tiny (aka Lisa Gray-Garcia) is a poverty scholar, revolutionary journalist, lecturer, Po’ Poet and welfareQUEEN,  Mixed Race, Boriken-Taino, Roma mama of Tiburcio, daughter of Dee, and the co–founder of POOR Magazine/Prensa POBRE/PoorNewsNetwork. She founded Escuela de la gente/PeopleSkool- a poor and indigenous people-led skool  as well as the Po Poets Project, welfareQUEENs & the Theatre of the POOR to name a few. She is also the author of Criminal of Poverty: Growing Up Homeless in America, co-editor of A Decolonizers Guide to A Humble RevolutionBorn & Raised in Frisco and currently working on her second book- Poverty SkolaShip #101- A PeoplesTeXt- In 2011 she co-launched The Homefulness Project – a landless peoples, self-determined land liberation movement in the Ohlone territory known as Deep East Oakland, CalifaZtlan, Turlte Island.

6:40 pm
Storying Down the Walls: A Narrative Revolt

Come hear us tell a story – a myth about the creation of walls. And what lies buried, forgotten, inside them, behind them.  How walls shape our dreams at night, color our neighborhoods and friendships by day, exiling us from ourselves and each other.

Leslie Marmon Silko said “Don’t be fooled. Stories aren’t just entertainment; they’re all we have to fight illness and death.”

It’s the story that matters. Some bring death. Others bring life. We’ll tell you a story. Then, you’ll help us build a new one, a brave one. For if stories can build walls, they can tear them down, set us free, keep us alive. Journey with us and we’ll story down the walls together …

Helen Klonaris

Helen Klonaris is a writer of stories, a teacher of myth, and a practitioner of energy medicine. She lives in the East Bay and teaches at the Academy of Art University in SF. She is co-editor of the recently published anthology Writing the Walls Down: A Convergence of LGBTQ Voices, with Trans-Genre Press.

Patricia Powell Photo

Patricia Powell is the author of Me Dying Trial, A Small Gathering of Bones, The Pagoda, and The Fullness of Everything. Powell teaches in and directs the MFA program in Creative Writing at Mills College, Oakland.

7:30 pm
Limonauts Gamble For The Fate Of Oakland

L.M. Bogad will guide all intrepid Limo-nauts on a DRIVE-BY AUCTION of cosmic proportions throughout Oakland. Come dressed as a galactic oligarch from the future, hell-bent on gambling against your rivals from the Trump Nebula and beyond for the ultimate real-estate grab.  Be prepared to bid! And to sell! This lecture within a game will ask: what are you in the market for?

Larry Bogad

L.M. Bogad is Associate Professor of Performance Studies at U.C. Davis. He is the author of the books  Tactical Performance: The Theory and Practice of Serious Play and Electoral Guerrilla Theatre: Radical Ridicule and Social Movements, and the plays COINTELSHOW: A Patriot Act (PM Press, 2011; performed this February at the San Francisco Mime Troupe), HAYMARKET, SANTIAGO 9/11, and GGPS: The Guillermo Gómez-Peña Global Positioning System. Bogad is a veteran of the Lincoln Center Director’s Laboratory and cofounder of the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army. He’s performed on many picket lines in roles such as Saint Francis, Ronald McDonald, and Sam Walton. Bogad has written and performed with the Yes Men, La Pocha Nostra, Reclaim the Streets and many labor unions and other activist organizations. He has performed, lectured and led art-activist workshops from Finland to Egypt to Argentina, and was “Art and Controversy” Fellow at Carnegie Mellon and “Humanities and Political Conflict” Fellow at Arizona State University. Bogad is the world’s best, worst, and only economusician.

*Major support for this project is provided by California Arts Council.