Are you confused or overwhelmed by income taxes? Have you put off even thinking about all the receipts you know you need to add up? Do you regularly get conflicting advice from friends and colleagues about what you need to do for tax purposes? Well this workshop is for you.

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Focused on artists and the self-employed, but with helpful tips and information for everyone whose taxes aren’t “EZ,” this workshop will provide clear instructions and organizational tools to help alleviate tax confusion and anxiety.  We will also explain the major concepts that form much of the tax code, along with “emotional support” visual aids.  The last portion of the workshop will be devoted to Q&A.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • what can you deduct? (e.g. where do I write-off how much I paid for new glasses?)
  • documentation requirements (e.g. I did some life-changing magic and tidied up all my receipts to the trash)
  • home office/studio expense
  • assets and depreciation
  • getting paid as an employee and as a contractor for similar work
  • travel and transportation (e.g. what if my vehicle is a bike?)
  • itemized deductions vs. the standard deduction
  • health insurance expense, credits, and penalties
  • tax changes for 2018


The workshop will be led by Pro Arts Associate Director, Sarah Lockhart, a licensed tax return preparer (AFSP, CTEC) with 15 years of experience preparing taxes with a focus on artists, musicians, and the self-employed.