Welcome to Val-U-Mart, the first-ever artificial intelligence shopping experience. 

Our one-size-fits-all economy doesn’t work for anyone. Why should we “let the market decide” the cost of an item, when two customers might value the same item completely differently? 

Val-U-Mart is revolutionizing the shopping experience, with prices made just for you. Take a simple personality test, and you’ll find everything at the right price.

Val-U-Mart is a convenience store installation that invites us to explore how money distorts our perception of value. 

The installation will feature interactive art, traditional media, and performances and include pieces from a variety of artists.

By “shopping” in the store, participants will engage with their relationship to money and how it intertwines with power, self-worth, how we spend our time, and more.

Val-U-Mart – where everything has a price!


Closing Reception: Market Crash: Jan 18, 5 – 9 PM


Unfortunately, due to the collapse of the free market economy, Val-U-Mart will be closing on 1/18. Come celebrate our brief financial success with food, drink and live performances from Palace of Trash.

Palace of Trash brings you “Make it Rain”, a show about the necessity we have for frightful weather in order to make things bloom. Thanks for the pain, we needed it for art!

Palace of Trash creates all original monthly ritual performances casting spells to dismantle the current system and create a new paradigm. Follow them on Instagram at