Please join us at Pro Arts Gallery this Friday, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm for a night of self-expression, protest and community!

In collaboration with the AfroSurreal writers workshop, artist Chris Treggiari, and the Oakland community, Pro Arts will present The Citizens Inauguration: Oakland – an interactive performance/call to action that will bring together artists, cultural workers, activists, and Oakland residents, giving them the opportunity to deliver their own presidential speeches, in which they highlight their own hopes and dreams for the next four years.

The Citizens Inauguration: Oakland will recreate the presidential inauguration stage at Washington D.C, inside of Pro Arts gallery, creating an open platform that will allow participants to stand up and share their voices, in response to the President-elect Trump’s inauguration and his vile policies and ideas.

All performance and speeches will be streamed on Facebook Live, thus giving global access to this Oakland based action, and inviting civil engagement from the online community.

Earlier that day, Pro Arts will join the #J20 Art Strike fellow cultural institutions and participants and the gallery will remain close during regular gallery hours, noon to 6:00 pm. The Art Strike is intended as an act of solidarity with the broader slate of #J20 Art Strike events and, as the movement’s site puts it, as a tactic among others to combat the normalization of Trumpism. It is made in solidarity with the nation-wide demand that on January 20 and beyond, business should not proceed as usual in any realm.