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Edited by Jon Thompson

Join us at Pro Arts Gallery for a literary evening and conversation with poet Christopher Sindt. The evening will entail a reading from Sindt’s new book System and Population, followed by book signing and Q&A with the author.

System and Population is a lyric account of the proposed damming of the American River in Northern California. It explores the intersections of personal and cultural experience, scientific study, and the politics of dams and rivers; meditates on human experiences, such as parenthood and loss; and studies the effects of environmental damage and disaster.

This event is presented in partnership with Laurel Book Store and all sales of Sindt’s System and Population will be handled by them on the evening of the event and thereafter, at their store location, situated in downtown Oakland.


Like Ashbery’s “River” grafted onto Hopkins’ “Inversnaid” and then carefully tended and extended, System and Population takes in our world so that we can see it looking back at us. Devoid of hustle, here are poems that move and shake us into the oddly familiar elsewhere we call home. I appreciate its care and clarity, its augmentations of what I can say. —Graham Foust

I’d describe Christopher Sindt’s poetics as a theology of nature. On the one hand, it’s a lyricism that fiercely resists tidy narratives. On the other, it often relies (in a good way) on other texts as spring­board. It feels like an idiosyncratic alchemy that recalls the best of Robert Hass and Michael Palmer. —Francisco Aragon.


Christopher Sindt is a professor of English at Saint Mary’s College of California, where he teaches in the MFA Program in Creative Writing and serves as the vice provost for academic affairs.  He is the author of The Bodies, published in Parlor Press’s Free Verse Editions series (2012), and a chapbook of poetry, The Land of Give and Take.

Limited number of System and Population will be available for purchase and book signing by the author on the date of the event at Pro Arts Gallery. 

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