Choreographies of Disclosure:

What the Mind Forgets


This public program is part of the on-going exhibition Choreographies of Disclosure: What the Mind Forgets.

Public Programs: Visioning Session

Wednesday, Jan 30, 6 – 8 PM

As the LGBTQIA+ communities continue to face oppression, marginalization and persecution, radical spaces for community-building and envisioning often become difficult or impossible to access. As our exhaustion, stress and anxiety take their toll, queer and trans folx need transformative spaces which challenge us to engage in community-based practices through which we can build upon and articulate our visions for change. We need these spaces so that we may maintain our belief that other worlds are, indeed, possible.

Co-facilitated by organizing artist and curator, Jadelynn Stahl and BAWAR, this two-hour community gathering will open space for queer and trans people who have been impacted by sexual assault to imagine, assert and record their visions of a world without sexual violence.

Occurring within the gallery space, participants will develop a shared set of community agreements, after which they will be led through a brief, arts-based visioning exercise in which we are asked to contemplate this ‘other’ world. What will this world look like? How will it feel to be a part of it? What do we need to make this world possible?

We will then record these visions on long strips of cloth which will hang within the gallery throughout the exhibition.  After, the visions will adorn LGBTQIA+ performers for the show’s closing on February 15th. Any participant who does not want their vision to be displayed publicly will, of course, have their wishes respected and is still encouraged to participate.

BAWAR peer counselors will be onsite and available throughout the session for anyone who may become activated and need to step out. There will also be a side room with chocolate. 

This space is open to self-identified LGBTQIA+ folx ONLY. Cisgender heterosexual allies are respectfully asked not to attend.

Spanish translation available.

Please arrive at 6 pm to participate in the development of our group agreements. Late arrivals will be asked to review agreements before participation.

This will be a low-scent, substance-free space (there will be no alcohol permitted). Please refrain from wearing artificial scents. If you have need for an ASL interpreter, please let us know within 1 week of the event, and we will do our best to provide one for you. Pro Arts is wheelchair accessible.

For more information, or to request ASL interpretation, please contact us at 

Header image: Performance collaboration between Jadelynn Stahl and Lydia Greer. Photographer: Quinn Peck.