Bre Gipson: She Breathes

October 8 – November 12, 2016 

Bre Gipson’s installation She Breathes offers a peek into a possible new world, hidden within our own. Pro Arts’ Project Space window becomes a vitrine for Gipson’s crystallized globs and dripping forms that resemble a fantastical natural history diorama.

To create these new landscapes, Gipson uses a variety of materials including foam, latex paint, glass, synthetic hair, salt, sugar, crystals, plastic, drinking straws, and bouncy balls. Gipson aims to explore the unknown and exploit our understanding of what is real by constructing new environments from disregarded materials.

Bre Gipson received her BA in Art Practice from University of California, Berkeley and recently completed her MFA in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon. Bre has exhibited internationally and has exhibited at California African American Museum in Los Angeles. Mystified by the possibilities of what may or may not exist, Bre is interested in investigating the unknown and exploiting our changing beliefs of what is real. Gipson is also a resident teaching artist at Pro Arts.