Bloopstep Bleepcore:
Experimental Music Performance
Saturday, April 9, 2016, 6:00 – 9:00pm | Pro Arts Gallery

Pro Arts Gallery presents Bloopstep Bleepcore with the experimental sounds of Ends Meat’ Catastrophe Jazz Ensemble, Agargara, and Zebra. David Cummings hosts this evening of experimental jazz, noise, and electronic mayhem.

Ends Meat’ Catastrophe Jazz Ensemble is an experimental jazz trio comprised of:
Ada(m) Adhiyatma – Alto Clarinet, Soprano Saxophone, Guitar, Computer Programs
Rachel Austin – Voice, Computer Programs, Percussion
Erika Oba – Piano, Flute


adam adhiyatma

Ada(m) Adhiyatma is a clarinetist, guitarist, electronic composer, and improviser from Singapore. They are interested in formal, mystical, and ritual uses of sound. Adam’s work is connected by an investment in music’s social, political and mystical power, a history in jazz, rock, and experimental music, as well as a deep curiosity about the phenomena that are composition, listening, and improvisation.


Rachel Austin

Rachel Austin explores the links between sound and narrative—the abstract sounds often in improvisation and the words and stories that those sounds involuntarily produce. Austin’s work has recently taken on an obsession with the sublime with impulses toward narrative, noise, and computer interventions.  Originally from Virginia, Austin also lived in Belfast, Northern Ireland before moving to Oakland.


erika Oba

Erika Oba is a composer, pianist/flutist, and educator based in the SF Bay Area. She is active in a wide variety of settings including big bands, indie rock groups, original jazz groups, musical theater and dance. She is a member of the Montclair Women’s Big Band, Mara Performance Collective, and the Oba/Bastian duo. She received her BM in Jazz Piano from Oberlin Conservatory and her MA in Music Composition from Mills College.



Agargara (David Cummings) has been quietly making solo electronic music since 2006. Agargara’s music blends chipper melodies, lush harmonies, and blistering beats.


Zebra_Ryan Mixey

Zebra (Ryan Mixey) is a lo-fi computer musician who makes electronic music inspired by obscure Super Nintendo soundtracks.

*This program is made possible in part with funds by the City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program, the Clorox Company Foundation, the W & F Hewlett Foundation, the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, and the Zellerbach Family Foundation.