“This year the multivrs is illuminated we are embodying the futures that we want to exist in. We feel now more than ever is a time to transcend pain. Get free of die trying (getfreeorlivetrying). We are descendants and transformers of infinity. Our inheritance is freedom.

Time doesn’t exist
creating the world that we want and believe that’s
Fuck Identity movement
I-dentity is about seeing
Looking, out, processing and judging
Mii-dentity is about looking within and defining ourselves
Mii-dentity defies the constructs of Identity
Y-dentity asks who/what benefits from forcing the sight of eye-dentity
on each of us
Mii-dentity recognizes that a multivrs resides in each of us
Our bodies are illumination
Mii-dentity is shining light on the multivrs within
What do I invest energy into
What do I illuminate, believe in, reflect, create

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