Pro Arts presents an evening of outdoor music and media on the tentatively named Greige Wall of Oakland across the plaza from our gallery. Curated by Curator-in-Residence, Chris Wood, this event features performances by local electronic musicians, Brendan Glasson and Bergrún Snæbjörnsdóttir.
While working in many mediums Bergrún fairly consistently discerns her art to be an orchestration of systems, attempting to recreate perceived metaphysical structures that have a basis in empirical observations on relationships and causalities.

Brendan Glasson performs A Cloverfield Interchange with spoken text, live music and video projection.

SYNOPSIS: A driver and a passenger misread a highway sign, sparking a sequence of dreams in the passenger and a sequence of daydreams in the driver. These dream states take the audience across the Americas and into the distant past as the characters progress through the depths of their own psychologies. (Duration ~ 20′)


_______brendan glasson_____

Brendan Glasson (b. 1985, Providence, RI) is interested in paradox, mythology, and the unconscious. His multimedia works — making use of sound, video, and text — create hypnotic landscapes of both meaning and meaninglessness out of both formalism and intuition. As in works by Gavin Bryars, Laurie Anderson, and Robert Ashley, there is a dreaminess to his work that is rooted dually in experimentalism and popular forms, and which bares a hybrid fruit all its own. Brendan has performed at the Centre Pompidou-Metz, the MUDAM museum in Luxembourg, and the RISD Museum in Providence, RI, and has held residencies at Hewnoaks Artist Colony in Lovell, ME. He is an MFA candidate in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mills College in Oakland, CA.

_______bergrún snæbjörnsdóttir_______

Bergrún is an Icelandic composer/performer based in Oakland. Her work has been performed in Europe, Australia and in the United States by groups such as the Oslo Philharmonic (NO), Decibel (AUS), Iceland Symphony Orchestra (IS) and Scenatet (DK). As a performer she has a diverse background, having toured and recorded with acts like Sigur Rós and Björk as well as being a performer of new music. She holds a M.A. degree in composition from Mills College, as well as a B.A. in new media composition from the Iceland Academy of the Arts.