Join the @GroundUpCommunity for a 2-hour workshop dedicated to alkaline enthusiast. In this workshop, we will be covering yoga intertwined with sacred geometry and establishing your practice in the HOME.

Learn about the ALKALIFE Aka SUPER VEGANISM and the effects of yoga to Alkalanize your wholistic SELF.

No but seriously, the lifestyle being coined “ALKALIFE” we’ll cover what that’s all about too!

The BIO MINERAL BALANCE is a well rounded way of eating and living that electrify the body. What is so beautiful is that its safe for everyone and can aid in the elimination of Mucus (The cause of ALL your ailments ending in -ITIS)

In this workshop will share the teachings of the late and legendary Dr. Sebi, and others on the importance of chemistry when it comes to our food for our body and mind. Debunking myths and offering alternatives to make your life more alkaline.

Sample creations of delicious biominerally balanced cuisine will be provided by Maffie. 

Here in the @GroundUpCommunity we’ll be doing a lot of sharing in such a little amount of time. We’ll be sharing the knowledge of electric foods, some easy recipes and facts about some of the foods we eat today, and why some of them aren’t so “healthy” we’ll also be giving you some basic information so you can begin your Alkalife Journey.

What to expect:

  1. Alkalign Yoga-start the morning with beginner level yoga + meditation to start off right. These teaching of sacred geometry will help understand your body as a HOUSE
  2. The Alkaline health diet – the difference between the “V” word (vegan) and a plant based diet. A community discussion.
  3. “How to” alkaline meals – here we’ll show you quick alkaline meals and kitchen staples that you or anyone can put together.


We want to be as much help as we possibly can for those who are looking for a lifestyle change, or those that may just need a little help doing it!

Lunch and worksheets provided.

Get your tickets today. C L I C K   H E R E !