Artists Live Here: Temporary Site-Specific Projects

Friday June 3 & Saturday June 4, 2016

3:00 – 9:00 pm 

Frank H. Ogawa Plaza

Friday, June 3, 2016, 3:00 – 9:00 pm

Participating Artists: Keith DeNatale, Kelsey Leib, Renetta Sitoy, Alyssa Lempesis, Jessie Marino, Nolan Lem, Laura Steenberge, Constantin Basica, The Happy Valley Band, Liz Harvey, Ann Schnake from MobileInTent, malocculsion, Finishing School, Zebra, Ramekon O’Arwisters, Bud Snow, Nicole Wisler, Kolby Rowland and The Writer’s Tent.

Saturday, June 4, 2016, 3:00 – 9:00 pm

Participating Artists: Keith DeNatale, Kelsey Leib, Renetta Sitoy, Alyssa Lempesis, Victor Mavedzenge, Listings Project, Liz Harvey, malocculsion, Finishing School, Bud Snow, Nicole Wisler, Kolby Rowland, Ann Schnake from MobileInTent, and The Writer’s Tent.

The pervasive inside/outside dynamic in our cultural, artistic, and social spheres is an imposed reality, created by our economic and ideological structures. Artists Live Here attempts to subvert this dynamic by giving art back to the public. Similar to the Fluxus movement of the 1960s, Artists Live Here endeavors to refocus the importance of that art, which draws directly from daily life, life on the street, in the house, and around the artists’ studio, than art, which originates and exists solely within the framework of the academy.

In this project, the belly of the beast – the artist studio – is stripped of it’s material walls and physical address.  The studio is brought from the inside to the outside and positioned right in front of Oakland’s City Hall at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza. Passersby from all walks of life can gain full and free access to the contemporary artistic process. This unique form of immediate, impetuous interaction between artist and audience creates a new space that Pro Arts defines as the in-between space. The in-between space rejects hierarchy and the norms of artist-viewer politics and instead promotes a “rhizome” structure of art engagement, in which there are multiple, non-hierarchical access points to ideas that bring attention to the power dynamics between private and public, official and unofficial, artist and audience, art institutions and artist, and art institutions and audience.

It is important to acknowledge the audience’s subjectivity in relation to the context in which Pro Arts presents the fourteen site-specific installations. For some, the name of the project refers to the vibrancy of our local art scene. For others, the temporality of the nomadic studio structures may appear unsettling. To us, the importance of this project lies in the fact that audience experiences and reactions are not mediated by Pro Arts and have thus the potentiality to remain autonomous. We believe that our institutional responsibility is to empower people through the vehicle of art. To that extent, we offer openness in our institutional practice and in our curatorial vision, which in turn creates an alternative space in which artists and audience come together, as one.


Opening Night Celebration, June 4, 2016 | 5:00 – 9:00 pm | Pro Arts Gallery | 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland

Celebrate participating artists with custom drinks and Bay Area music on the PA.

Glamorgeddon Limo Lectures, June 4, 2016 | 5:00 – 9:00 pm | Departing from Pro Arts Gallery | 150 Frank H. Ogawa Plaza, Oakland

Glamorgeddon Limo Lectures is a participatory project curated by visual, public, and performance artist Johanna Poethig.  A pink Hummer limousine provides a garish and decadent setting for four performative lectures, given by scholars, performers, and activists while riding through the streets of Oakland. Seating is limited. Purchase your tickets HERE.

Schedule of Lectures: 5:00pm Violet Juno | 5:50pm John Jotas Leanos and Tiny | 6:40pm Helen Klonaris, Patricia Powell | 7:30pm L.M. Bogad.

Pro Arts Open Studios is supported by the City of Oakland and the Cultural Funding Program. Major funding for Artists Live Here, Satellite Exhibitions and Pro Arts Open Studios 2016 related special events is provided by California Arts Council.