Ancient Africa lives deep within the diaspora’s spirit. An unbreakable ancestral connection binds us through divine union to a vast, rich heritage. The diaspora’s regal character is dormant, though. Lulled to sleep by physical, mental, and spiritual displacement. We’ve been conditioned to split our identity and adopt a new personality. Furthermore, our Soul has been torn and placed neatly into boxes which do not define who we are as a whole. Cultures and traditions were left overseas, creating Black Americans. But home never leaves you. It’s taken wherever you go.

These spiritual beings are a reflection of our most indigenous selves. They’re an amalgamation of found objects and natural materials to represent tradition, unity, and empowerment. The figures aim to reorient the diaspora as African-descended people. Moreover, the work brings energy of the ancient past forward in an effort to heal and strengthen the community. An assemblage of self love. 

About Akili Simba

Akili Simba is a mixed media artist based in Oakland, CA. His work is inspired by traditional African culture, folklore and mythology. Mainly known for paintings on recycled material, Simba cuts, stitches, and pins found objects to reflect on cultural identity and worth amongst the African diaspora.