You are cordially invited to attend A Curated Experience with John Law to benefit SIGNMAN: John Law, a monumental retrospective of John Law’s art, scheduled to open at Pro Arts Gallery in June 2019.

Date & Time: The Artist John Law will make individual arrangements with the donor to meet in his studio. A staff member will get in touch as soon as the order is put in.

The ticket comes with a Limited Edition Print signed by the artist. To book your ticket, please hit the donate button below. Please leave a note, Curated Experience with John, upon purchase. The ticket is $600 each person.

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All proceeds from this event will benefit the 2019 retrospective of John Law at Pro Arts Gallery, SIGNMAN: John Law.



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ABOUT SIGNMAN: SIGNMANJohn Law is a three-month-long retrospective (June 7th – August 24th, 2019) of the San Francisco based, underground artist John Law, curated by Pro Arts’ Executive Director and curator, Natalia Mount. The exhibition, scheduled to open on June 7th, 2019, will include new work, documentation of events and explorations, neon art, and video works. For the first time, audiences will have the chance to meet SIGNMAN – one of the most influential avant-garde artists in the SF Bay Area.

ABOUT John Law: John Law has been embedded in Oakland and San Francisco‘s pranks, art, and events world since 1977. A member of the legendary Suicide Club, Law was instrumental in forming the later Cacophony Society which influenced the rise of social media phenomena such as flash mobs as well as festival culture and experience design. Cacophony was the inspiration for the novel and the movie Fight Club. Law co-founded The Billboard Liberation Front (BLF), generally considered to be one of the earliest “Culture Jamming” groups, a concept first defined by the sound collage group NegativLand and formalized by historian Mark Dery in his seminal essay Culture Jamming: Hacking, Slashing, and Sniping in the Empire of Signs. The BLF was noted by Wired Magazine for pioneering the concept of repurposing cultural expressions through advertising.

An avid urban explorer, Law photographed many major bridges around the world while climbing them creating some unique images. In addition to co-founding and acting as Operations Manager of the Burning Man Festival during its early years. Law pioneered the use of neon at the now world-famous festival and originated the neon outline for the Burning Man figure. Laws neon work included other desert collaborations, prominently Desert Site Works with photographer/artist William Binzen as well as more traditional sculpture.

Law crewed with seminal machine art ensemble Survival Research Labs from the early 90’s and dabbled in performance art and an aerial performance in the 1990s working for two years with machine art and theatrical troop SEEMEN and his own troupe Aerial Action Team along with co-creator Kate McGlynn.

Law, along with Flecher Fleurdujon, directed the feature film Head Trip showcasing the antics of punk rock performance troupe Cyclecide accompanying The Bay Area’s massive Doggie Diner heads on a cross-country trip to perform at the famous punk club CBGB’s in New York City.

Law is currently involved in creating new neon art pieces incorporating various plastic media, transparencies, found objects, and text. Law has lectured around the world on the history of Bay Area underground arts scene and its influence on the larger world.

Law remains deeply involved in the ongoing worldwide UrbEx scene and collaborates with many extreme underground exploration characters and secretive cabals.

ABOUT Natalia Mount: Natalia Mount is a dynamic cultural producer with extensive experience in arts leadership, innovative programming development, fundraising and marketing. She has curated and produced over 60 exhibitions and site-specific projects, experimental theatre productions, music, film, radio and literary programs and events. Originally from Bulgaria, for the past 20 years, Mount lived in New York, where in the early 2000s, she co-founded FLUX Art Space, a pioneering nonprofit organization that commissioned and produced long-term art projects, claiming the intersection of art, technology, and civic engagement. In 2010, Mount launched the first radio station in Central New York, Redhouse Radio, that aired exclusively (24/7) arts and culture programs. Mount was the Executive Director of Redhouse Arts Center, a multidisciplinary space and artist residency program, located in Syracuse. In the beginning of her career, Natalia apprenticed with the legendary Alanna Heiss, founder of PS1 and the Clocktower, both located in NYC. Mount is the recipient of numerous prestigious grants and awards, in recognition of her innovative ideas and executive leadership practice. Mount holds a BA in Criminal Justice, MA in Art Market, and an MBA in Media Management.

SIGNMAN: John Law is a monumental exhibition, covering 40 years of work and life. We need your support in order to realize this exhibition in a way, in which we dare to dream.

Your generous donations will fund directly all exhibition-related expenses, including artist fees and production.

For more information on how to make a donation, please contact the curator of this retrospective and the Executive Director of Pro Arts, Natalia Mount at or donate directly, through PayPal, on Pro Arts’ website here: