Being/Theory & Plans, coming into common difference over 23 years

Dates: Saturday, February 1st 2:00pm – 6:00pm
Sunday, February 2nd 2:00pm – 6:00pm

Join Marc Herbst with guest participant Robby Herbst for a two-day workshop and exploration of the ways and affects towards becoming common and different (without separation) over the course of the coming 23 years of life. That is a life defined by endemic social practices, driven as affirmative and pragmatic common response to the paired ruins of capitalism and climate change.

This is a workshop involving movement and play, and serious talk, textual analysis and discourse. Each day will end with a bit of time for reflective writing.

Philosophically, this involves a consideration of questions around what time gives us: planning, meaning and speculation, and an appreciation of the multitude of relations in and around ourselves.

Marc Herbst:
Marc is a co-founder of the Journal of Aesthetics & Protest, an interdisciplinary journal and weirdo collective founded in Los Angeles in 2001.( He recently completed a PhD at Goldsmiths Centre for Cultural Studies in London with a study titled, A cultural policy for the multitude in the time of climate change; with an understanding that the multitude has no policy.
As a publisher/editor, he works with Aesthetics & Protest and also is recently collaborating with Minor Compositions/ Autonomedia, Pluto Press and Canary Press. In special regard to the commoning project of Pro Arts, he recently co-edited and published the book, The Process of the Field in New Cross, which explores the internal documents of a London-based commoning project.

Robby Herbst:
Robby Herbst is an inter-disciplinary artist whose works engages contemporary and historic experiments in socio-political aesthetics, countercultures, and counter-power. The work takes the form of drawing, publication, group-work, and object making. The exhibition Model Cities was a 2018 collaboration with Kimberly Varella at Automata Arts. It was an installation and participatory happening exploring participatory welfare programs supported by the US Federal Government during the late 1960s and ‘70s. In 2016 he completed the public project New New Games; a series of tournaments and events held in California’s San Francisco Bay Area with the support of Southern Exposure and the Headlands Center For The Arts. The project examined the contemporary resonance of the counterculture-era New Games Movement in the digital age. A concurrent exhibition of related drawings was held at Commonwealth & Council gallery in Los Angeles.