Join us for First Friday at Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS to spread the word about the fight to #FreeLiyah. Look out for Liyah’s campaign art, projected outside of the gallery! We’ll be talking to folks about the need to #FreeLiyah. You will also have the opportunity to send her notes of support or donate to her commissary.

Incarceration is brutally isolating, particularly for survivors. Showing Liyah support is crucial at this time as she waits to hear the outcome of her case without any idea of when she’ll know whether she is being to be deported.


Liyah Birru, a Black immigrant from Ethiopia, was prosecuted and incarcerated for defending herself against her abusive husband. After serving her sentence, she now faces the added punishment of deportation. Liyah’s story is all too familiar. Black women, particularly immigrants, are incarcerated and deported at over twice the rate of white women. Upwards of 90% of incarcerated women are survivors of domestic violence or sexual assault.

Liyah has suffered enough abuse: first from her violent husband, then from the courts, then from prison, and now, immigration detention. Governor Gavin Newsom can help stop the further abuse of deportation Liyah’s deportation by granting her a pardon.

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