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The Creatrix arrived a few years ago and ever since she has been pursuing her own unique path through both dance music and more abstract expressions of sound. .Having cut her teeth as part of the experimental duo Felidae alongside Oakland’s legendary electronic music master Beast Nest, she made her mark on the local and international scene in early 2017 with her beautiful and intense first solo release, “Approaching an Abandoned Helm” from New York’s No-Tech label. She is well known for her blistering live sets, but has become equally renowned for her skills as a DJ, offering hammering a high energy dance floor in the late night hours of packed nights at the Stud and other local venues. She recently started a radio show on Sutro FM called :World Building which airs 4th mondays at 5pm.




Big Debbie was originally based in San Francisco, CA in 2012 by Sergey Yashenko, strictly as a bedroom recording project. Within a year these 4 track recordings surfaced in a form of limited cassette and vinyl releases on such labels as Cochon, Teen Action and Danish Skrot Up. Midheaven Disitribution described the release as “Driving drum machine beats and repetitive fuzzed out, sludgy bass lines with some tape manipulated vocals that croon, whisper and growl mostly in English. Foggy, hypnotic, haunting and dancy at times, the music carries a strong 80’s influence.”

Within the next couple years, Debbie moved to Los Angeles, venturing out on several tours across U.S., Europe and Russia. Mostly as a solo act, she would occasionally team up with guest performers/friends such as Terror Apart, Future Blondes, Gay Orphans, Ciriza and Moscow’s A.W.O.. Eventually the name was changed to Big Debbie and a full length, perfectly captures the transition from bedroom to stage.

“AB-RA-CA-DEB-RA” – the sophomore album by Big Debbie brings to mind religious pagan celebrations as much as the 1980’s industrial, goethe clubs, with subtle nods to Chris & Cosey, DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, and so much more it’s own sound. Big, sexy noise you can move to! “AB RA CA DEB RA” saw a cassette release on Ratskin in early 2015 and sold out within a month of it’s release and has been re edited and remastered for LP, and we couldn’t be happier to release this into the world just in n time for BIG DEBBIE’s European tour in support of the record.




Alexandrea Maria Archuleta (aka Piano Rain) is a Two-Spirit Mestiza producer, DJ and quilter born of Colorado soil, flourished under the California Sun and Moon. She weaves together sounds, textures and memories, old and new to fuse the past and the future, symbolizing the spirit of life upon discovering the duende associated with death. Blended into the sound of still timelessness, body and self suspended in motion, forgotten memories resurface from deep beneath the breath of the subconscious, unleashing the self guided empowerment buried within us all. Her soundworks, like her quilt works, hold the intention of transmitting the nurturing warmth of human touch and memory activation, delivering messages beyond space to withstand the test of time.




Nihar (Surface Tension/Left Hand Path) has been producing and DJing as part of the bay area electronic music scene for the last decade. As a member of the post techno Surface Tension collective, and as a Club Chai affiliate, Nihar is known for high intensity DJ sets that draw from an eclectic blend of global rhythmic influences and elements. As a producer, he infuses his studio work and live performances with this same sensibility. Nihar’s first full length album, Chrysalis, was released in July 2018 on Jacktone Records. Nihar has, in the last few years, performed in places like Shanghai, Osaka and Mexico City but he can mostly be found playing in and around his San Francisco/Oakland home base.

Nihar is also the co-label head (with Chris Zaldua) of Left Hand Path, which has been featured in The Wire, Resident Advisor, Fact Magazine and in other publications for it’s incredible track record of releases.