T I C K E T S !

Pro Arts Gallery & COMMONS is pleased to present the book launch of  Pablo’s Curiosity-Underground Education by Canadian radio DJ, music director and musician Pablo Duran. Pablo Duran will be giving a talk on his new book, followed by a book signing and a film premiere: Painful but Fabulous in Montreal.

The musician, Meri St. Mary, will open with a theramin-acapella combo. Marian Wallace of RE/Search performing as LaMère and friends will open then live score for the film (66 min).

Still from Painful but Fabulous in Montreal

Pablo’s Curiosity-Underground Education includes interviews with musicians and artists like Kraftwerk founder Ralf Hütter, guitarist Johnny Marr, Blues legend Otis Rush. Between December 2000 and October 2003, Duran explored various themes and ideas sometimes overlooked in textbooks and the music press. Thoughts on creativity, individuality, and the then nascent digital world are discussed in a riveting manner. Lacking any formal journalism training at the time, Duran relied on his instincts, making for extremely candid, revealing and unique conversations.

Each interview is preceded by additional notes providing context to every dialogue, followed by last reflections. Working at college radio helped gain access, when that failed, the job was seen through rather alternative means. Whether it was staking out a venue to personally request an interview from an artist to waiting in the wee hours at an afterhours club for a meeting to materialize, this book gives a rare first-hand account on what happens before and after pressing the record button, providing an adventurous cultural snapshot of the musical landscape at the dawn of the 2000s.

Still from Painful but Fabulous in Montreal

Painful but Fabulous in Montreal, an independent film by Pablo Duran, will premiere at the book launch. It features the legendary counter-culture musician Genesis P-Orridge.

“On Monday March 3rd 2003, I turned up at Concordia University’s VAV Gallery to meet Genesis P-Orridge, his wife Miss Jackie, and a select number of participants to work on the collective construction of a piece.

We were each given a 12” board along with instructions to express our true essence of being. The work would then be assembled during a large sigil–“a neo-magick ritual based around ecstasy, will, desire and knowledge”–later that week. A career retrospective, “Painful but Fabulous”, was also on display.

I had just purchased a Mini DV camera and couldn’t wait to put it to use. I approached Gen and
asked, “Is it OK if I can film?” to which s/he replied, “You can film whatever you want.”

That I did.”                                                                                            –Pablo Duran

After the film and presentation, LaMère will be joined by Josephine Torio, for their set Almost Never, live-scoring to Wallace’s experimental films.


About Pablo Duran

Pablo Duran was born in Montreal in 1981. He discovered his knack for writing while studying Communications Management at McGill University. His passion for music has led him to play many roles within the industry, including work as a radio DJ, promoter and music director.

Additionally, as a musician, he’s played the Warped Tour, performed with Prince Paul and David J (Bauhaus/Love and Rockets), and worked with Paul Q. Kolderie and Sean Slade (Radiohead, Pixies, The Dresden Dolls).

He began conducting interviews in 2000. He lives in Montreal.

About the book

Some answers can be found in a classroom.


At the dawn of the 2000s, Pablo Duran embarks on a journey in search for knowledge he can’t find at school in Montreal.

Included in this remarkable collection of interviews are some of the most influential musicians of our time: cEvin Key [Skinny Puppy], John Norwood Fisher [Fishbone], Johnny Marr [The Smiths], Blues legend Otis Rush, Ralf Hütter [Kraftwerk], Steven Drozd [The Flaming Lips], David J[Bauhaus, Love and Rockets], Thor Harris [Swans] and Marky Ramone [The Ramones].

In conversation with artists he deeply respects–for the first time in print–Pablo’s interviews capture fascinating observations on creativity, collaboration, and individuality with singular charm and wit.

About the performing artists

Josephine Torio is a musician and vocalist who is currently collaborating with La Mère. She is also a regular member of the film soundtrack improvisational ensembles That Hideous Strength and All My Senses Rebel.


Meri St. Mary came out of the Bay Area Punk scene with her group, Housecoat Project. She currently has a music-related radio show in Grass Valley and often collaborates with Monte Cazazza for what they call Dueling Theramins.





Marian Wallace is an experimental filmmaker harkening from the No Nothing Cinema era of Bay Area filmmaking. After a decade of working for feature soundtracks, she joined RE/Search for book and television production. She now is making Eurorack-based sound for her experimental films, which she live-scores.