The closing show to close out the Brilliant Dilletantes exhibition.

Pod Blotz

Pod Blotz came from Detroit, Chicago, Oakland and has landed in Los Angeles. They mix electronics, modular synth recordings, vox, rhythmic elements, tape manipulation, metals, field recordings and organ swells. Industrial music dark in context, bright in texture inside of multi-dimensional environments with shattered mirrors, sculptures, video and light.

Piano Rain

Aja Archuleta is a sound designer, DJ, and quilter from Denver, Colorado, living in Oakland. Through her sound practice, mostly consisting of live performances, she aims to dissolve the veil between our conscious and unconscious mind, while escorting the listener to a place of healing, openness, and strength.


Cloner is a newish duo of Stacian and Jules of Waxy Tomb. Binaural electronic children of the school of mirrored consciousness, the Clones feed each other bits of Waxy Tomb fleshy matter, and Stacianary DNA. Using a small battery of circuit-oriented devices, the duo spew forth globules of phosphorescent antimatter. The frameworks are collaborative, the delivery picosynthetic. The Cloned sounds emit from an itch within the inner ear.