Kicking off our series of concerts highlighting the Brilliant Dilletantes of the Bay Area music scene:

Jeweled Snakes

Jeweled Snakes is a duo from Oakland, CA cutting up heavy, post industrial , synth pop/punk with a nasty and classy edge.Jeweled Snakes is Skot b (Malditos, Phantom Limbs, Decanter) and Sharkiface (Crack W.A.R., Diatric Puds, Pigs In The Ground etc) Jeweled Snakes play in a futuristic, proto industrial styled pool of chopped and screwed synth punk. Throbbingly heavy, yet eerily dynamic.


Chaki is a Japanese term that literally means “tea implement” or a “caddie” for making tea. However, this particular Chaki is a San Franciscan named Cory Sklar, a multi-instrumentalist who describes his unique blend of Bootsy Collins meets Bauhaus as “lo-fi, gothic, bedroom funk”.


Thoabath is a solo electronic/ambient/noise project of Oakland’s Andy Way. Firmly rooted in the most vile, wretched and smoldering aspects of noise/power electronics, Thoabath  also delves into dub, dark wave and minimalist industrial.

STFE (Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion)

Reuniting for this special show, Sharon Tate Fetus Explosion is the duo of Boris and Sarah that is No Wave-inspired, post-industrial, art-damaged, and generally damaged.  Huddling under the noise umbrella, based on the band’s use of modular synths, metal percussion, and running things that aren’t guitars through effects pedals, some of STFE’s material is actually post-punk songs with words.