Pro Arts Receives a Major Gift of Works by Elizabeth Henderson 

“My greatest inspirations come from traveling and experiencing life in different cultures and countries. I have a variety of styles from whimsical jazz musicians to European landscape. I mainly use acrylic but also have a collection in watercolor. ”

Elizabeth Henderson


Although Pro Arts is a non-collecting institution, in December of 2017, the institution accepted a generous gift by avid collector and patron of the arts, Mr. Andy S. Chow. The gift consists of paintings and major works by California artist and architect, Elizabeth Henderson.

“I came across Elizabeth Henderson’s artwork completely by chance. While visiting friends, I found myself staring at the paintings on the walls.  I quickly realized that, while fixated on the paintings, I was unconsciously smiling. I found that Elizabeth’s artwork elicits a joyful emotional response.  I became obsessed and have collected dozens of pieces by this wonderful artist,” said Mr. Chow when asked what attracted him initially to Elizabeth Henderson’s work. 

Mr. Chow is an avid supporter of the visual arts in the Bay Area. He believes that the collection, which Pro Arts plans to exhibit in the upcoming years both on-site and off-site, will contribute greatly to Pro Arts’ assets. He chose to gift the work to Pro Arts precisely because as a long-time supporter of the institution he knew that this would be the perfect place to house such a collection. Pro Arts privileges local and underrepresented artists through  myriad of programs and opportunities.


Executive Director of Pro Arts Natalia Mount adds: “Not only we have a fantastic collection of strong work made by California based woman artist but we also get to show it off to everyone both at Pro Arts and in other interested venues. Elizabeth’s work is very accessible, whimsical and colorful – just like the artist’s personality and her travels and life experiences that she captures so eloquently her paintings.” 

Henderson has worked as a chief architect in California for many years for Pacific Bay Corporation in California and won many first place awards in Architectural contests. She also taught architecture at a University in Maryland. Additionally, Henderson worked as an assistant designer for MGM studios in Los Angeles. Over the years, She has designed numerous projects for downtown Los Angeles such as high-rise buildings and banks; over 50 individual homes for the Palos Verdes Estates in southern California; a hospital in San Fernando Valley, a recreational center in Redondo Beach, CA and numerous churches on the East and West Coasts. She has painted and designed many interiors for Commercial Properties and has taught a variety of classes from Computer Design to Art classes for over 21 years.  Throughout her career, she has designed over 200 private residences, with the majority being upscale. All of these experiences helped develop and refine her outlook.  

Pro Arts is extremely grateful for this major gift from art patron and long-time supporter of Pro Arts, Mr. Chow. Along with the gift of art he also donated funds to upkeep the collection, house it and maintain it. We thank him for his continued support and his major donation of work, he truly loves and cherishes.

We also thank the artist Elizabeth Henderson for the gems she painted, currently in our possession at Pro Arts space, in downtown Oakland.

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