Fiscal Sponsorship

Pro Arts’ visual arts programming is strategically planned to support artists in varying stages in their careers, inspire innovative art-making, cultivate artistic practices and showcase the best new work in the Oakland/Bay Area. Pro Arts serves the ongoing needs of artists by offering fiscal sponsorship to artist projects and emerging arts organizations. Fiscal-sponsored projects represent cutting-edge contemporary art, noncommercial and innovative enterprises, and community collaborations. These projects engage under-served populations, communities of color and working artists.

What is fiscal sponsorship?
Fiscal sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity sponsors an artist or group that lacks tax exempt status. This alternative to starting your own non-profit allows you to receive grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under your sponsor’s exempt status.

More info at The Foundation Center’s Grant Space.

Interested in fiscal sponsorship through Pro Arts?

Pro Arts supports the arts within communities by serving the ongoing needs of artists.

Application Process:
1. Contact Pro Arts with a brief description of the proposed fiscally sponsored project.

2. Receive an application form that requests the following information:
• Project description including the nature/mission of the work, goals for the next year, history and scope of the project
• Description of past fundraising efforts and plans for future fundraising
• Project budget
• Professional references
• Resume(s) or bio(s) of lead personnel

3. Return completed application and Pro Arts staff will confirm receipt of application.

4. Applicants will receive a response within 2-4 weeks; staff may contact the project leader to clarify information and to arrange an interview.

Please note this entire review process may take between 3-6 weeks to reach final approval.

Active Fiscal Clients

Betti Ono Gallery
Betti Ono is an experimentally minded space for art, culture and community. Located in the heart of Downtown Oakland, Betti Ono features local, national and international artists in rotating exhibits, performances and monthly events.

Paul Crabtree

Paul Crabtree is a musical innovator whose music straddles the salons of Europe and the saloons of the American West. His music is the product of two cultures, combining the seriousness of the European tradition with the restlessness of the American spirit to produce perceptive works that are relevant to the twenty-first century experience.

Born in England in 1960, he graduated from the Music Faculty at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, where he studied with the renowned contrapuntalist Kenneth Leighton. He was also the keyboard player of a catastrophically unsuccessful garage band called Goats’ Opera. Winning a scholarship for post-graduate study in composition he chose the Musikhochschule in Cologne, Germany, where he stayed for two years.

Moving to California on a religious quest in his early 20s and becoming an American citizen, he escaped the constrictions of the English class system and integrated into his rigorously disciplined music a passion for Progressive Rock and pop culture. A strong believer that mythology underpins contemporary experience, he is able to intermingle ideas as diverse as Latin poetry and 1960s girl groups, yet his music maintains a seriousness of purpose that intensifies both ‘high’ and ‘low’ cultural references.

The critical reception to this startling marriage of separate worlds has been perceptive. “The Anglo-American composer Paul Crabtree possesses the rare and admirable ability of being able to use the most unlikely artifacts of popular culture and fashion them into highly sophisticated art without mocking the sources or having them sound incongruous.” (Palm Beach ArtsPaper 2009)

The same critic catches that musical innovation is based on past models: “He has shown that it is possible to re-imagine the cantata in a moving, fresh way, and his example should give other composers a good model for pursuing a similar trajectory.” Dubbed “…a composer of impressive power who responds well to his sources and who can write utterly compelling music that relates beautifully to our time” by the Palm Beach Post, and “…one of our most inventive and wickedly witty composers” by the Chicago Classical Review, his work has been the recipient of an AMC Composer’s Assistance Program Award (2007), four ASCAPLUS awards (2004, 2007, 2008, 2011) and a Subito award from the American Composers Forum (2005). Mr. Crabtree’s tenure as Composer-in-Residence for the San Francisco Choral Artists in 2004 resulted in Three Sacred Songs about Religion, Sex and Politics, which the Miami Herald called “an impressive work conveying a spiritual sensibility in a fresh, intelligent and strongly individual voice….Crabtree’s music is artfully constructed, challenging for singers and often strikingly beautiful.”

His first solo CD The Metamorphoses of Paul Crabtree was released in February 2009 on the Arsis label, featuring the two ballet-cantatas An American Persephone and Dive! a Water Music.