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Update February 1, 2012:

Oakland City Council preserves 100% arts funding!

Oakland saves some services, cuts jobs San Francisco Chronicle, February 1, 2012

Open Letter to Oakland's Leadership - January 2012

The Arts in Oakland Create Value and Transform Communities

The Oakland Cultural Trust and Oakland's non-profit arts community are eager to work with our City's leaders in a positive partnership as Oakland navigates the impacts of the loss of Redevelopment funds.

We can put the power, creativity and energy of the arts community to work on behalf of Oakland as the City revamps and reorganizes departments, programs and services.

The Arts inspire creativity, instill excellence and cultivate compassionate communities. The Arts are a powerful educational tool for children and youth - a celebration of cultural diversity, and a catalyst for civic participation.

Fiscal impacts and leveraging power of the City of Oakland's historic investment in the arts:

  • Over $100 Million Generated: Total economic activity generated in the nonprofit arts sector in Oakland.
  • Over $600,000 Return: Over $600,000 in taxes and fees fill Oakland's coffers from the City's investment in our artists and grantee programs.
  • 15 to 1 Leverage: For every hundred dollars the City invests leverages $1500 in private-sector spending on the arts.
  • Sustaining jobs: The arts grants sustain hundreds of jobs in the arts and leverage over $6.4 million in household income for Oakland residents.

The Arts are essential to continuing and sustaining Oakland's Renaissance.


  1. Economic Impact Calculator, Americans for the Arts
  2. $628,000 local government revenue generated per year from grantees and their audiences in support of programs, events and activities. (e.g., license fees, taxes) Source: City of Oakland Staff, 2011
  3. $55 million is leveraged in private-sector spending from grantee programs, events and activities (three-year estimate). Source: City of Oakland Staff, 2011
  4. Oakland's Cultural Funding supports 370 FTE jobs in Oakland's arts industry yielding $6.4 million in household income (Oakland residents working in the arts).

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