“Wearing metallic purple tights and magenta nail polish, Danish filmmaker Lasse Lau proffered a fortune cookie during the opening of an art exhibit he co-created with German artist Flo Maak. “Open it,” Lau said, holding a basket of customized goodies. Inside the cracked cookie, a strip of paper read: Liberate Your Ass—Unleash the Queen.”

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“While Lasse Lau and Flo Maak’s past explorations have led them to bath houses, abandoned industrial buildings, rooftops and elsewhere, their current work pivots to investigate how queerness manifests in interior spaces. At the The GLBT Historical Society archives in San Francisco, the pair has been burrowing into the city’s rich history of queer culture, finding inspiration in such events as the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot of 1966.”

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“It was no ordinary karaoke night. Last Thursday, order an intimate audience gathered at Pro Arts Gallery in downtown Oakland to sing along to classics like “Eye of the Tiger,” but with one small catch––the lyrics had been replaced with words from President Obama’s executive orders. The event, Executive Order Karaoke, was the brainchild of members of an artist collective called Finishing School whose work focuses on the intersections between play, public space and politics.” – Briana Flin

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Women’s lifelong struggles find a home in an incredibly moving and poignant anti-war memorial and group exhibition titled Songs for Women Living with War at Pro Arts Gallery. Read full review HERE.

In this week’s Readings & Workshops Blog, Natalia Mount, Executive Director of Pro Arts, writes about the Hybrid Series, a P&W–supported series that brings together poets, writers, visual artists, and musicians to collaborate on cross-genre presentations of new work.

“The Hybrid Series swaps the standard practice of same-genre groupings—such as the poetry reading, artist talk, music performance or lecture—for that of a community gathering, a format that is open, fluid, and accessible to diverse audiences.”

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